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(I) 12th European Conference on Fungal Genetics (ECFG12)


The conference will be held in Seville, a Spanish town famous for its monuments, flamenco, sunny weather and the charm of the South. Our Christian, Muslim and Jewish heritage can be enjoyed in some of the most popular monuments in Seville: the biggest Spanish Catholic Cathedral, the “Giralda” tower, the intricated alleys and streets of the jewish quarter, or the magnificent arabic palace “Reales Alcazares”. Other splendid monuments of the rich Spanish history can be found spread all over the city in churches and small chapels. The University of Seville was founded in 1505 and is one the largest in Spain, with about 60,000 students. Seville can be easily reached by air with direct airport connection with many countries or by high-speed train from Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.
The scope of the conference covers the broad topic of fungal genetics, encompassing among other areas molecular and cell biology, genomics and evolution, biotechnology, and pathogenesis. The programme will include three keynote lectures (opening and closing lectures, and a special lecture), fifteen plenary lectures, nine concurrent sessions, and two poster sessions for more informal discussions. These sessions will be complemented with satellite meetings, which will be held prior to the main conference.
23 de marzo de 2014.